Who can join?
Although the course was primarily targeted towards the Cypriot community, ALL people are welcome to join irrespective of their faith, ethnicity or cultural background. No background knowledge of Islam is required, but equally those who practice Islam are also welcome to learn.

How much is the course?
This entire course is 100% completely free of charge and is NOT for profit. Our intention is to provide a safe and respectful environment that fosters engagement, critical thinking and education. All we request in return is that you attend with an open mind, willingness to engage and take notes.

Can my children also join with me?
Yes. All children that wish to attend the online live sessions must be accompanied by and are the responsibility of the parent / guardian.

Will sessions be recorded?
No, sessions will not be recorded. This is to protect the privacy and safety of all attendees and to prevent snippets being sent around which may confuse people who have not attended the course in full. Instead, all students are advised to take notes and ask questions where appropriate.

Do I have to use my video camera for the online virtual classroom?
No, this is not mandatory, but is encouraged during the Q&A sessions to provide a classroom feel.

Is there a particular dress code?
No specific dress code is required or enforced, but we request people are dressed appropriately for the event.

I can no longer join the course. What should I do?
There are others on the waiting list so you can request a ‘cancel your order’ by clicking on ‘Contact the organiser’ on the original confirmation email and then clicking on the event. Tip: Search for eventbrite in your mailbox.

My questions are not listed above, who can I contact?
You can contact anyone from the admin team via our WhatsApp group. The admin team includes: Hussain Hoca, Chanel, Melda, Honey.

Warmest Regards,

Co-Founder of Cyprus Islamic Association