We started our free online courses at the beginning of March 2021 lockdown which focused on spreading information and knowledge of a variety of topics about understanding/learning more about Islam & also about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In addition to this we also had a deep dive into Turkish Cypriot cultures and traditions and perspectives from Christianity as well. 

It is beneficial to know not only how Islam works but also the differences between the main monotheistic religions (One God religions). This is not only to increase knowledge but also garner respect for all people within our community. Sponsored by Cyprus Islamic AssociationYusuf Ahmet, conducted a series of 10 workshops titled under "An Invitation to Think"

It is important to note, that we at Cyprus Islamic Association believe that it is imperative and our duty, to share the knowledge we have with our community, free of charge and will never take any payment for courses like this. Upon receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback on these courses/sessions, we have decided to dedicate a page to keep you all updated on any upcoming courses. 


What was this course?
An exclusive online course where we embark on a journey to explore the faith of over 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide and unveil the various misconceptions within our community.

Full Topics covered in "An Invitation to Think":

    • Session 1: Why am I Muslim?
    • Session 2: Muhammad (pbuh) - The Most Influential Person in History
    • Session 3: The Inimitable Qur'an
    • Session 4: Towards Understanding the Hadeeth
    • Session 5: An Introduction to Islamic Law & Ethics
    • Session 6: The Significance of Love, Compassion & Mercy in Islam
    • Session 7: Fighting Against Extremism
    • Session 8: Christianity through the Lens of a Turkish Cypriot
    • Session 9: Diversity in Culture, Music & Art
    • Session 10: Islamophobia: A Threat to All

"An Invitation to Think"