With the spread of the Pandemic throughout the world those living in poor countries are suffering the most, many people are out of work and struggling to feed or even give the basic essentials to their household.

Cyprus Islamic Association | Al Hashim Trust who has worked for years providing aid to those less fortunate asks you all to help and donate to this year's Ramadan 2021 Appeal.

We will be providing food, clothes and blankets to orphans and poor families in  Cyprus, Egypt, Central Africa, Turkey, Bosnia, Palestine, Uzbekistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia & Indonesia.

We will be supporting Çatı and hope to do several food runs in London to support those who are homeless.

Finally, we are committed to supporting to feed stray animals (cats and dogs), in Cyprus and other places.

Please donate and support our work. We will be posting regular updates on our GoFundMe Page and you can also donate your Zekat here.

Thank you,
Hussain Hoca.

Ramazan Calendar 2021