Zekat / Zakat Donation

Zekat / Zakat Donation

Zekat is one of the five pillars of Islam which is classed as an obligatory charity,  to provide support to the poor, needy and most vulnerable of our world, in the month of Ramadan. It is a way for Muslims to purify their wealth spiritually, by giving away charity of a certain proportion on their wealth (2.5%), annually. You can donate your Zekat here and help so many people in need. Your donation will be spread across all of the charities and organisations we support to maximise every single penny we collect. You will help change the lives of all the people we reach.

Projects in Africa, Bangladesh, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Bosnia, Turkey  Cyprus, Gaza & Middle East.


We serve humanity by providing:

  • Food parcels for the needy.
  • Feed the fasting.
  • Building water wells to serve the communities.
  • Clothes for orphans and widows.
  • Food runs for the homeless in the UK & internationally (also working in collaboration with Çatı Roof).
  • Environmental projects in Cyprus.
  • Scholarships for students.
  • Providing daily food for the poor and needy during Ramadan.
  • Supporting stray animals - cats and dogs.